Ursula’s Birthday Party

Birthday in FeldkirchUrsula's Birthday

We celebrated Ursula’s Birthday yesterday, in typical Austrian style.  Where that differs from typical American culture is that the Birthday Girl is the one who puts on her own party, cooks and prepares and provides everything…..and family and friends drop by to indulge and enjoy the Birthday Girl’s hospitality.  This year, tho, we mixed it up a bit with all her old friends bringing food rather than a gift….much like a typical Alaskan ‘Pot Luck’.   The food was delicious; the company very engaging and endearing; and, the event was a heartwarming success.

This is the first birthdays,  in many, many decades, that Ursula was able to host her own party in her own hometown setting.  Enjoy the short clip below.  Ursula’s Birthday







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3 years ago

Thaqnk you Darren. It was a great Fest !