Symbiosis Critical elements to good leadership are confidence and competence. Confidence is easily discerned by those who follow. Employees will more willingly conform to their leaders influence when those leaders present a confident attitude about their business. A leader’s confidence is infectious. With a confident leader and confident staff, theirRead More →

possibliity and probability

Possibility and Probability Possibilities and Probabilities set the parameters for good leadership and management. Good leaders continually shepherd their organization into applying the ‘art of the possibility’ by evolving new options to address the organization’s challenges and goals. Good managers guide their organization’s assessments of the probability of success forRead More →

Leadership Principles

10 Leadership Practices – Zimmer Principles. Successful organizations and senior leaders share a symbiotic relationship, but it’s the aspiring junior leaders that both will come to depend upon for their future successes. Cultivating junior leadership should be a key goal for organizations seeking a formative future. For consideration are tenRead More →