Open doors vs security

Open Doors Vs. Security

Open Doors Vs Security

Open doors vs security
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Short Op/Ed from the ‘Cottage at Zimmer’s Landing’, for your reading indulgence.  Drafted back in Nov 2015 during the current ‘crises’ concerning ‘Trump’s Travel Ban.’ ( Open doors vs security)


We often decry the lack of critical thinking or reasoning,,,,just before posting the meme that lambasts others with differing views. The contemporary issue offering plenty of FB opportunities is over opening America’s lands to Syrian refugees.

One side states that it’s an American basic principle to welcome the ‘tired, huddled masses’. After all, most of America’s current citizens are from immigrant stock that sought a better life than the one they could have within their native country.

The other side states that it’s a national responsibility to take measures to protect the citizens of this country. Bringing in Syrian’s, whom a small percentage, may arguably directly compromise this duty, is shortsighted.

Neither side of the argument is wrong, yet many will castigate those holding opposing views as narrow-minded, shallow, unpatriotic, or whatever aspersion that can be conjured up at the moment

I would offer that we’d get much further with the policy dialogue if we employed ‘critical reasoning’ in the discussion. Both arguments are principled. However, the conundrum is that within the context of contemporary issues, these basic principles conflict with each other. The argument isn’t whether either of these positions is right or wrong (I find they are both praiseworthy to guide a nation) but rather which principal is currently of a higher priority to the nation.   Basic principles should remain unchanged, but their relative value to other basic principles should be assessed when they come in conflict with each other. A basic discussion of which is the more valuable principal (open doors vs. security) for America’s contemporary environment and well-being would be a much more productive discussion than the one plaguing our airwaves and e-media today. So, what meme will you post next?

Open doors vs security


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