Open doors vs security

Open Doors Vs Security Short Op/Ed from the ‘Cottage at Zimmer’s Landing’, for your reading indulgence.  Drafted back in Nov 2015 during the current ‘crises’ concerning ‘Trump’s Travel Ban.’ ( Open doors vs security) Op/Ed We often decry the lack of critical thinking or reasoning,,,,just before posting the meme thatRead More →

Scorched Earth

From Utopia to Dystopia? Our dystopian future has already arrived.  Movie and Sci-Fi fans may be familiar with the dismal and decayed and depressed prognostications of the likes of Blade Runner or Mad Max, or Logan’s Run.  After experiencing such movies people may be grateful their bucolic village or scenicRead More →

Poverty Insanity

The craziness congruity of insanity and poverty   Insanity, much like poverty is a self fulfilling cycle. Breaking from the cycle is illusory, without divine intervention manifest of aid either deeply internal to the soul, or competent and caring from without. Poverty One who lives without any means of support developsRead More →