Poverty Insanity

The Craziness of insanity and poverty

The craziness congruity of insanity and poverty  

Insanity, much like poverty is a self fulfilling cycle. Breaking from the cycle is illusory, without divine intervention manifest of aid either deeply internal to the soul, or competent and caring from without.


Poverty Insanity
Poverty Insanity

One who lives without any means of support develops habits to sustain their impoverished lifestyle. One example is hoarding; those who live without the most basic necessities hoard the most basic of objects readily disposed of by most others. They know, even as cheap and accessible as these basics may be to those with meager means, they’re out of reach for them. Saving what one has to ensure it’s available when needed is their path to sustainment and inclusion into the material world around them.

But, such behavior is a path that condemns them continual poverty. Much of their personal resources are so dedicated to survival that none is left to break out of the cycle of economic despair. In the eye’s of those with means to assist, the impoverished’s (homeless) actions only reinforce one’s perceptions that their homeless status is deserved. As such, potential benefactors are inclined to ignore their needs in favor of those less needy, but more capable in their eyes.

Mental Illness

Those ill of mind are generally also afflicted with physical ailments that stem from their faulty cognitive or decision making processes. Their continued poor decisions cause them to neglect their ailments, or rationalize their acceptability, and develop coping mechanisms where others would not have to. These coping mechanism strike others in peculiar ways and motivate them to distance themselves even further from the afflicted. Such alienation causes the ill to recede even further into themselves and increasing their distance from recovery and dignity.


Quite often poverty and mental illness mutually induce the other. Poverty can lead to habits that stimulate imbalances in the mind and body and bring about mental illness. Mental illness can be reflected in peculiar behavior, that on rare occasions may be seen as a form of greatness. But, most often, their behavior repulses sympathetic support and thus narrows favorable economic opportunities, leading to the never ending cycle of poverty.

When one is cursed with both poverty and mental illness they have neither the faculties nor the resources to break the spiral of the inevitable ignoble and miserable decent into social oblivion where they remain below the plain of visibility, and help.

I suspect this is just one facet of the multifaceted nature of human existence.  This is the craziness of insanity and poverty


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