Time + Passion + Tools = Projects.  Enjoy a few from the Cottage!

Time stands still at the ‘Cottage’ and the hours are filled with the exploration of everything….to include a number of craft and home projects around the landing.  Below are just a few of the ones we’ve captured for your enjoyment – enjoy!



PROJECT:  Time to discover if the investment in wood working tools paid off.  Project?  Build a Captain’s Davenport Desk.  Here’s the result.



PROJECT:  Water to Snow in zero flat!  I always wanted to instantaneously convert liquid to a solid.  Here’s how it worked out!


PROJECT: This summer’s project – build a Gazebo to cover the trail’s park bench.  Here’s the effort and result.  Enjoy

PROJECT:  Bringing the sounds of Austria to the Alaskan Alps!


IMG_7168 (1)

                                                                                                        Click here to see the Bell mount

Want to hear the bell?  Click below.


PROJECT:  A little rustic wine by candle light?IMG_7186                                                                                                            click here to see the Candle Holder


PROJECT:  Need a workbench to help with the projects, build your own!


PROJECT:  Need a chisel mallet, turn one!


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