Ursula’s Alpe Adria Adventure VLOG Series Welcome to Ursula’s magical Alpe Adria Hiking Adventure.  Below we’ll post the latest VLOG to keep everybody updated on Ursula and Gabbi’s progress through South Eastern Austria along the Alpe Adira Trail.  Below the current updated VLOG is a map capturing their route andRead More →

Mallnitz Alpe Adria

The Alpe Adria Trail June 16  Feldkirch to Mallnitz And it begins!  It all starts with a train ride from the western most State (Länder) of Austria (Vorarlburg) and the village of Feldkirch to the high-altitude Alpine landscape of Tauerntal (Tauern Valley) and the village Mallnitz.   Mallnitz Village is theRead More →

Alpe Adria

The Alpe Adria Trail The Alpe Adria Trail begin on the Kaiser-Franz Joseph heights of the Grossglockner mountain, passes through South-Eastern Austria (Kaernten), into Slovenia and terminates in the Italian coastal village of Muggia (about 750 Kms  or roughly 470 miles).   Ursula and her traveling companion intend to travel twoRead More →

Home Reno

Facelift at the Cottage at Zimmers’ Landing   Upon leaving the Army we retired to the Cottage at Zimmers’ Landing, not because the house was everything we wanted to retire into, but because of the views, the lake and the house had the potential to become everything we wanted toRead More →

reap what we sow

The Reaping Times are upon US ‘You reap what you sow’ is a common adage suggesting that future consequences are shaped by present actions. Yesterday’s violation of the ‘People’s House’ is a consequence of yesterday’s actions. (Rule of Law) The nation is shocked by a mob ascending the Capitol BuildingRead More →

Lake View

Zimmer Annual Holiday Newsletter 2020 Greetings from the little Cottage at Zimmer’s Landing. 2021 is right around the corner, So long 2020!  (Zimmer annual holiday newsletter 2020) Our year moved into full gear as we escaped Alaska’s winter darkness by lounging on a Cabo San Lucas beach with dear friends.Read More →

Ischia Italy

Bellissima Italia, the Zimmer Autumn in Italy Travel VLOG 2019 We spent our Autumn traveling the length and breadth of Italy as we blogged and photographed our way through the sites, sounds and epicurean delights of soul satisfying foods, nectars and exotic scents.  Along the way we captured thousands ofRead More →

TSP Screed

Designed obsolescence or in-built incompetence? Which is it?   (TSP and Bigger Government) Our chosen form of Government is a beautiful thing. It can harness an impressive array of powers and abilities to address the most challenging and precarious of scenarios. It can put a man on the moon or mobilizeRead More →

Bellissima Blog Traveling in Italy

Ready to Go! We’ve packed the bags, the tickets in hand and the cat/house sitters arrive in the morning; all is ready for our next adventure – a Fall Season in Bellissima Italia!  And, so begins our Travel to Italy Blog. By Wednesday, sometime Alaska time, we should be inRead More →

Italy Travel

Traveling through Italy Blog A ‘Season in Bellissima Italia’; a new Zimmer’s Landing  traveling through Italy Blog!       Coming Soon! If all works as planned, we’ll spend this winter cavorting the Italian countryside enjoying as many ‘off the beaten path’ (as well as a few of the more traditional)Read More →

Riomagiorre Cinque Terre

Catching up! This is another out-of-synch, posting highlighting our Cinque Terra and Lucca Video Blog.  Our first real Bellissima Italia exploration was in the town  of La Spezia and the quaint villages nestled in the rocks over the Med known as Cinque Terra.  We met up with excellent friends (TheRead More →

Downtown Bologne

Editor’s note – My narrative for our Italy journey is already out of sequence as I’m jumping ahead about a week or so into our travel to Bologna adventures….but, I’ll return to the travels and the week in Cinque Terra and Lucca soon.  Hang tight…and enjoy. A few days ofRead More →

Florence Duomo

Florence, traveling through Renaissance history Florence Travel,  Saturday, 12 October –  What a spectacular place, the boulevards and massive buildings remind me of Munich,  but when you gaze at the structural details and old ornamental flourishes, it’s all Italy. Our friends and I trained into Florence while Ursula remained behindRead More →

Surviving the Valcano

Trial by Fire Enduring relationships and the volcano gods: There’s an ancient and honored legend of ‘Trial by Fire’ to validate serious relationship of two decades. The mythos is that once in twenty years, couples must circle the brim of a volcanic caldera, as a testament, demonstrating the virtuousness ofRead More →