Phenom Phen

Schengen Zone Banishment Quick update – As noted earlier, my Schengen Zone visa for staying in Europe (26 countries….or is that 27?) has expired. There’s not much that we can do about it so it’s time for me to move along elsewhere until I’m eligible to return to Austria toRead More →

Killing Fields Cambodia

Phenom Phen Today I closed out of Phenom Phen today and rode on a Chinese airline, of Euro Manufacture (Airbus 320), to Seim Reap, the home of famed Angkor Wat.  Some from the West might wonder why the Chinese are operating in Cambodia? I’d say, ‘Check the map’; why wouldn’tRead More →

Angkor Watt, Cambodia

Siem Reap – day 2 Travels throughout Europe are often remembered through the lens of what cathedral or castle you visited. Most are magnificent. But, there comes a time when even the heartiest of tourist are effected by the ABC syndrome; ABC….’Another Bloody Cathedral/Castle’. When the ABC’s hit, it’s timeRead More →

Bakong Watt

Back in Phenom Phen Conjure up  the most amazing and astounding adjectives you can, and they might be sufficient to describe the Wats and sights in Angkor Park; they were selected as a ‘World Heritage Site’ for a very good reason. The third day in the park (and final entryRead More →

Returning Home

Homeward Bound This morning, or afternoon, or evening….whatever my body thinks it is, I’m sitting in SeaTac airport drafting up a few more notes. In total, I’ll have spent over 47.5 hours playing the Airport Odyssey between Anchorage and Phenom Penh. Right now I’m up to 38 or so….  TodayRead More →