In the depths of winter, 2015, my friend and I partook in the traditional Alaskan snow-machine adventure from Tok AK to Dawson City, Canada and back.   It was quite the “Bucket List” trip!  300 miles of a frantic truck & trailer night drive from Big Lake to Tok to in-process.  Then another 200 miles by snow-machine to Dawson City, followed up by 2 days of ….. well, …adult fun!  We returned the 200 miles by snow-machine  on the forth day followed up by another 300 truck drive through a blizzard to make it back home – Big Lake.  It was an exhausting, but incredible adventure.  The sites along the way were Alaskan/Canadian spectacular and the generosity and hospitality of the residents of Dawson just amazing.  The TOT Committee scored another success in their long series of arranging the over the top adventure!  I hope you enjoy the short vid and if motivated, leave a comment.  Cheers – Z