Gun Ownership

Gun Ownership – To Own or not to Own?

‘To own or not to own’?   A review on gun ownership.

Gun Ownership
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In an acrimonious environment where aggrieved emotions and pent-up  frustrations influence our legislative processes and (un)civil discourse  over one of our more basic rights, attached is a self exploration on gun ownership for your examination. 

This exploration considers the First Principal from which I believe the right to bear arms emanates and lays out the connective tissue from that right to ownership of a semi-automatic, ‘military style’ rifle. 

This is a long and somewhat academic review, so download and read it at your own risk.  Be forewarned, it’s not a complete work as I discovered during its development that a valid critical view of this issue is much more expansive than can be captured in a brief narrative (or at least it’s beyond my capacity presently to do so). 

This is Part I, perhaps one day I’ll be motivated to completing the other ideas.   I appreciate your comments and critiques.  Press this link to open up the PDF document on Gun Ownership.  gun control exploration ver 4.1


Introductory Excerpt

‘To own or not to own’, the question. (Part I) In the shadows of several recent mass shootings tragedies, the controversy over the 2d Amendment and gun control has reached corrosive and virulent levels. Regardless of how amicable the discourse starts out, it seems to rarely end up that way. The discussion seldom draws any mutually agreed upon decisions other than to agree to disagree. How is it that our friends, whom we admire and respect for many of their views and opinions may differ so much from our own on this one topic? It causes the rational observer to reflect on their own views and examine the merits behind them.

This ‘thought piece’ is the results of my efforts at doing just that. For my own edification, I’ll look at my views on the gun control controversy and see if a genuine effort to connect the dots between logic, fact and critical reasoning brings me to the same conclusions I currently hold.  To read more, link here


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