Final Thoughts

Nomading the Lower-48 Final Thoughts Five-thousand, eight hundred miles later, seven states, countless cities, towns, beaches, and days and days of the countryside, not to mention many old friendships rekindled, and it’s all over. This winter, the ‘Nomading the Lower-48’ Adventure is now a memory. We’re recovering from our travelsRead More →

Miles of Friends

Miles of Friends With the soulful music, pungent smells, and filigree iron railings lost in our rear view mirror, we sadly left the city; but were happy to not hear another imposition ‘Hey Mistah, I nose where’s yo got yo shoes at!?” NOLA, it’s another city to add to theRead More →

Galveston was Lovely We extended another day for the winds, clouds, rain, combing for shells and, of course, the endless beaches.  The surreal experience of riding bikes along the beach, dodging the shorebirds and incoming waves was only diluted by the disturbing crunch of seashells beneath the tires.  (Beaches  andRead More →

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast The gale-force winds were kicken’, the temps dropped to 30 degrees. Our weather-beaten RV tossed and turned through another restless night. But, we made it to the coast, and the dramatic weather change just seemed ‘par for the course’ of our far reaching adventure to the Lower-48.Read More →

It's a New Day

It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day ….and I’m feeling Good!  (Ms. Nina) We’ve scored another year on this earth.  This globe circumnavigated the sun for the 4.5 billionth time, and I guess we all have to party like it’s 1999!  But, I’m getting way ahead of myself onRead More →

Bean Counting

Nomad Bean Counting When I had a professional life, I was a Logistician. My patronizing ‘Warrior’ Brethren would call me a ‘Bean Counter.’ I guess that’s the price one pays to be part of the strength behind the blade’s edge!  (Nomad Bean Counting) We’ve been on the Nomading road forRead More →

Painted Desert

Into the Cold and Snow My sister reminded me that many years back, we took a Family Vacation along Highway 40 with 3 irritated kids, a couple of upset dogs all jammed into the backseat of the family K-car. My sister’s memory of such painful experiences is legendary. I usuallyRead More →


Sandpiper Travels Sandpiper birds are perfectly evolved for their manner of living. They have these spindly, yet long graceful legs to assist them in wading into the surf while their prolonged, pointy beaks dig below the surf and sand in search of exciting morsels to digest. They make for enjoyableRead More →

Further Inland Vineyard

Further Inland  We’ve moved inland….and the rain is following us. We’re cursed! Or, we just picked an unseasonable period to travel the Pacific Northwest. I guess after 5 months of drought and fire, the region is due for some moisture. That’s becoming more evident the further south we drive.  (FurtherRead More →


We’ve started. 7 Nov. Success! We’ve threatened to hit road by RVing and visit friend for 3 years now! We’re doing it, finally. Two States, two visits and counting!  (Escaped and on our way! Short Note today to keep the Blog alive and capture a few experiences before we hitRead More →