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Facelift at the Cottage at Zimmers’ Landing

Facelift at the Cottage at Zimmers’ Landing

Upon leaving the Army we retired to the Cottage at Zimmers’ Landing, not because the house was everything we wanted to retire into, but because of the views, the lake and the house had the potential to become everything we wanted to retire into. (Cottage Facelift)

The Lake and the views have not really changed over the past few years, but last summer we transformed ‘potential’ into ‘reality.’  We undertook and struggled through a major renovation to eliminate the “smerf-like’ characteristics of the cottage and open it up to the stunning views of the mountains and lake with windowed, grand rooms to better celebrate the majesty of life.

Cottage Facelift

It worked!  We now have house that equally transforms those those long, dark and cold Alaska winter days into days filled with beauty and interest as we peek out at our vista-like views and watch Alaska unfold before us.

A contracted renovation! 

I’d never recommend anyone, ever take it on, ever! That is, unless you really want a new and improved version of home and can’t do it all your self.

The angst and frustration and unexpected costs is not worth it! That is, until one cold winter morning when you’re sitting in your chair, wrapped around a warm cup of coffee, surveying your new views through your double glass siding door and taking in a spectacular, orange sunrise over the distant, snow capped mountain peaks, watching the sun rays pulsate and dance off the slick, frozen lake. Then it’s worth every sleepless night and mis-spent dollar.

Attached in this link a five minute video capturing the metamorphism. If you haven’t bothered to come visit us yet (shame on you!), this may be your best way in checking out the new and improved Cottage at Zimmers’ Landing.

Hope you enjoy it, and as always, if you feel invoked to comment, we’d love to read them




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