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Bellissima Italy Travel Vlog, the Zimmer travel Video

Bellissima Italia, the Zimmer Autumn in Italy Travel VLOG 2019

We spent our Autumn traveling the length and breadth of Italy as we blogged and photographed our way through the sites, sounds and epicurean delights of soul satisfying foods, nectars and exotic scents.  Along the way we captured thousands of images and would have gained a quite few pounds, had it not been for the daily walking investigations of as many back-alleys, beaches, cathedrals, cafes and museums that we could discover.

Two months of hopping around to a new city or town every few days or weeks seemed like an eternity.  But now, it seems like a very distant past of fleeting memories.  

Our short video was designed to remind us of our fabulous sojourn through width of the Italian boot, into it’s heal, then out through it’s toes and into the ball. We hope you may enjoy our memories as well.

Strap in, it’s a quick video jammed into 27 minutes




If you enjoyed the images, more are available at

Bellissima Italy Travel Vlog
Bellissima Italy Travel Vlog

Interested in reading our Travel BLOG, start here


What was your favorite part of our journey?  Were you enchanted by some of the ‘off the beaten’ path locations and encouraged to plan for your own visit?

What is your favorite experience in Italy?

Drop us a comment below in the ‘Join the Discussion Block’ and share your thoughts on wonders of traveling throughout Italy and enjoying all things Italian.



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Ken C.
10 months ago

Wonderful, viral staycation for me Darren! Thank you for taking me along these beautiful locations in Italia!