Vorarlberg in Retrograde

Reversing Directions All good things come to an end, and when planned properly, the end leads to the beginning of new and appealing opportunities. But, before getting to the next ‘good thing,’ we still have to finish the adventure in proper style. Year in Vorarlberg Retrograde! We’re about at theRead More →

Biking in the 'berg

Enjoying Summer’s Heat What do Biking, plumbers, and the World Cup have to do with each other…..not much other than these are the themes of my recent days while Ursula has been cavorting around Europe enjoying the sights with a tour group. She left the cats behind to provide meRead More →

Fishing in Vorarlberg

Gone Fishen’ It’s no secret that I enjoy fishing.  This is why I enjoyed our afternoon visiting a small lake outside of Feldkirch to learn more about Fishing in Vorarlberg.  To my fishing colleagues, equally apparent to my enjoyment of fishing is that I have limited skills and talents whenRead More →

Biking around the Bodensee

Three countries in three days What do Bergenz, Konstanz, and Lindau have in common?  They’re all beautiful historic towns filled with the classic sights and sounds a savory smells of Western Europe.  Plus, they’re also very common hopping on/off points to biking around the Bodensee (Lake Constance).   The BodenseeRead More →

Festing in Vorarlberg

The allure of enjoyment Thirty biked miles and three Fests later, it’s time to train home! It was a long and fun day. This past weekend, the first weekend of June, blew into Vorarlberg with a flurry of festivities – and we had to experience several of them. (Festing WeekendRead More →

Back in Vorarlberg

Back in Austria The YIV is back on! Lush green trees, azure skies, billowing white clouds and a splendid display of bright, happy colored flowers greeted me on the landing in Frankfurt. Far behind me now was the remote frozen lakes, grey skies, muddy roads and chill of the AlaskanRead More →

Gloomy Waters

Gloomy Banishment I once went through a job interview where we applicants were required to tread water in the deep end of a pool for 20 minutes, while fully clothed. For most ‘swimmers,’ that wasn’t a big deal. If you weren’t much of a swimmer, but your muscles were inRead More →

So Long!

Banishment I’ve been delinquent in my duties to keep the “Year in Vorarlberg” blog up to date. Principally, because I’m not in Vorarlberg and other responsibilities have hijacked my focus and attentions elsewhere.  I’ve been banished from the Schengen Zone.  We saw this coming, we tried to prevent it…and hereRead More →

Returning Home

Homeward Bound This morning, or afternoon, or evening….whatever my body thinks it is, I’m sitting in SeaTac airport drafting up a few more notes. In total, I’ll have spent over 47.5 hours playing the Airport Odyssey between Anchorage and Phenom Penh. Right now I’m up to 38 or so….  TodayRead More →

Skiing in Vorarlberg

Skiing in the Vorarlberg (18 Dec 17)  Christmas came early this year as another ‘bucket list’ item entered the chute! I’ve always wanted to be one of those guys that spent all their time away from work chasing speed, style and grace down a ski piste; for a season. IRead More →

Eating Out

Fine Cuisine Experiences (12 Dec 17)  There are many places in Europe that are crowded and busy. That’s because Europeans seem to focus more on the refinement of what they have rather spreading out, or up. One of the areas they’ve taken refinement to the far edge of exquisiteness isRead More →

Feldkirch Conservatorium

Winter in Voralrberg 3 Feb ’17 – One month has flown by! Seemingly we’ve been standing still the whole time, but in reality, it’s been a fast,engaging and exciting adventure so far with travels, sightseeing, Ursula’s birthday party, concerts, bands, feasts, shopping, shopping and shopping and demons (that would beRead More →