Ursula’s Alpe Adria Adventure VLOG Series Welcome to Ursula’s magical Alpe Adria Hiking Adventure.  Below we’ll post the latest VLOG to keep everybody updated on Ursula and Gabbi’s progress through South Eastern Austria along the Alpe Adira Trail.  Below the current updated VLOG is a map capturing their route andRead More →

Mallnitz Alpe Adria

The Alpe Adria Trail June 16  Feldkirch to Mallnitz And it begins!  It all starts with a train ride from the western most State (Länder) of Austria (Vorarlburg) and the village of Feldkirch to the high-altitude Alpine landscape of Tauerntal (Tauern Valley) and the village Mallnitz.   Mallnitz Village is theRead More →

Alpe Adria

The Alpe Adria Trail The Alpe Adria Trail begin on the Kaiser-Franz Joseph heights of the Grossglockner mountain, passes through South-Eastern Austria (Kaernten), into Slovenia and terminates in the Italian coastal village of Muggia (about 750 Kms  or roughly 470 miles).   Ursula and her traveling companion intend to travel twoRead More →


Birthday in Feldkirch We celebrated Ursula’s Birthday yesterday, in typical Austrian style.  Where that differs from typical American culture is that the Birthday Girl is the one who puts on her own party, cooks and prepares and provides everything…..and family and friends drop by to indulge and enjoy the BirthdayRead More →

Feldkirch Conservatorium

Winter in Voralrberg 3 Feb ’17 – One month has flown by! Seemingly we’ve been standing still the whole time, but in reality, it’s been a fast,engaging and exciting adventure so far with travels, sightseeing, Ursula’s birthday party, concerts, bands, feasts, shopping, shopping and shopping and demons (that would beRead More →