And it Begins… Preamble to ‘A Year in Vorarlberg’ Blog – Eighteen months ago in a very, very cold, dark and wet Alaskan day, Ursula and I sat in the Islander Bar reviewing our last year and half since retirement and trying to figure out if we’d done the rightRead More →

Arriving in Felkirch

Finally! Arriving in Feldkirch Video Log – it’s been a busy and fast few weeks with travels and dramas and events and fun…and all sorts other stuff. It hasn’t been a period filled with any blogging or reflecting….as the ‘here and now’ is too demanding. Soon, I plan to takeRead More →

So Long!

Banishment I’ve been delinquent in my duties to keep the “Year in Vorarlberg” blog up to date. Principally, because I’m not in Vorarlberg and other responsibilities have hijacked my focus and attentions elsewhere.  I’ve been banished from the Schengen Zone.  We saw this coming, we tried to prevent it…and hereRead More →

Biking around the Bodensee

Three countries in three days What do Bergenz, Konstanz, and Lindau have in common?  They’re all beautiful historic towns filled with the classic sights and sounds a savory smells of Western Europe.  Plus, they’re also very common hopping on/off points to biking around the Bodensee (Lake Constance).   The BodenseeRead More →

Fishing in Vorarlberg

Gone Fishen’ It’s no secret that I enjoy fishing.  This is why I enjoyed our afternoon visiting a small lake outside of Feldkirch to learn more about Fishing in Vorarlberg.  To my fishing colleagues, equally apparent to my enjoyment of fishing is that I have limited skills and talents whenRead More →

Vorarlberg in Retrograde

Reversing Directions All good things come to an end, and when planned properly, the end leads to the beginning of new and appealing opportunities. But, before getting to the next ‘good thing,’ we still have to finish the adventure in proper style. Year in Vorarlberg Retrograde! We’re about at theRead More →