Cruz de Ferro

Cruz de Ferro, part deux

The Iron CrossCruz de Ferro part deux

So I made it up to the Iron Cross: Of it’s own physical accord, it’s not too impressive, just a very tall pole supporting a small Iron Cross on top a rubble of stones. However, it’s simplify can be disarming. The pole is wrapped with paper prayers, flags and all sorts of impedimenta of good will. Many of the stones at the base have name and quotes printed on them (burdens?). The surrounding abutment is covers with more stones, letters and left behind crucifixes.       (Cruz de ferro part deux)

The elegance of the cross and it’s surroundings slowly seeps into your consciousness. It’s not a subdued, reverent experience as all around are flooded with smiles of relief for having made it. Selfies and ‘wefies’. {new word} are taken by all. Everybody wants their moment on the pile of rocks. An Italian biking club (or just friends) climbed wall over the rocks, shouting and joking and screaming and playing around like children; they are ecstatic.

There were park benches surrounding the cross and numerous other sites (ancient sun dial) to check out. Groups of walkers and bikers took the occasion to rest their feet and eat. I didn’t see my friend with the pebble. I’m kind of glad not to have as the scene was incongruent with the solemnity of his journey there. I hope the experience lived up to his expectations. As for my leaving behind my burdens, I decided against it. Mine are not too onerous and I’m kind of attached to the, I think I’ll keep them.  



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Greg Quinton
Greg Quinton
3 years ago


Greetings and salutations from Big Lake via Diamond Lake. Ice out here and this morning, looking at it after a short trip into town, your lake may open today. Perhaps the Meseta inspired thoughts of a sparse dirt trail in your neighborhood.

Sure enjoy stories of the road and historical recounts, but holy smokes do I enjoy the other read! Seems the wisdom you’ve traded your youth for found the souls (pun intended) of your feet as a prophetic repository cued only by exquisite stimulus. Pretty special my friend.

The new boat works very well. Still no Kings yet. Our weather is divine.

“Feets Don’t Fail Me Now” and I wish the best health and comfort.

See you soon,