Camino de Santigo

Coming Soon! This is where you’ll find it!

Camino de Santiago – Camino Frances


Welcome to our Camino de Santiago Blog.  In the Spring of ’17, I walked the Camino Francis trail of the Camino de Santiago.  Through out this journal, made up of a series of posts, I’ve captured my thoughts, observations and experiences along the trail.  For the most part, the entries are the original and unedited versions penned with a smartphone and small Bluetooth keypad. These are in the raw, original format

If you wish to read the completed Journal in PDF format (edited) jump to  this link where you can download the file.  This link also presents a series of beautiful photos taken along the trail and a 32 minute video of the adventure. 

If you wish to read the journal embedded in my upcoming book about transitions, keep an eye out for a future posting announcing the title and link on Amazon.

Enjoy the adventure!


Coming Soon! This is where you’ll find it!

The equipment is gathered, the training is peaking and finally the plane ticket to Euro is bought!  It’s a done deal, there’s no backing out now!  Barring divine (or spousal) intervention, the Camino de Santiago adventure begins mid next month.  This is the site where you can find updates and travel along with me on the sojourn.  I’ll post locations, pictures of the sights & views and any noteworthy or interesting experiences along the way.  Join me on-line and comment if you wish.


Interesting Links

* Photos along the Camino and throughout the Iberian Peninsula
* Enjoy our Journal Blog about our travels throughout Italy

 – Darren

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Gregory J Gahlinger
Gregory J Gahlinger
3 years ago

Great site, Darren! Looking forward to the updates! As I know you have a refined palate for the crushed grape, don’t forget to post pictures of the good bottles you find….