Coming Soon – A Year in Vorarlberg!

A Year in Vorarlberg   Year in Vorarlberg

A blog about an American guy and an Austrian gal taking a year off away from home to travel and explore Vorarlberg, Austria and all over Europe.  This blog will capture some of the adventures and challenges (and pictures) along the way;  cats in transport, learning ‘Vorarlberg German’, fests, feasts, travels, skiing and all things that go into a life well lived and a world of experiences experienced – hopefully.

Stay Tuned!


  • Interested ?  Link here for the next blog, ‘Arriving in Felkirch Video’
  • See our ‘Best of Photos’ from this a adventure and from the Rhein’s Lands
  • Care to comment on the Blog or Adventure?  Jot down your comments in the form below – thanks


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September 18, 2017 05:56

Hope, we will see us again in Austria or in Switzerland and take some Guiness… Say hello to Ursula!