Torro, Salamanca

Toro!  A Salamanca Travel Blog (Originally Posted to the Camino Blog on 27 May 2017. )  Toro! Tonight I’m in Salamanca, it was a beautiful and ancient university city even before the Roman’s decided to visit, and stay. The Romans are long gone, but the tourists remain, and the cityRead More →

Winters Epic Battle

Mother Nature’s Conflicts  Perched from on top, in front row seats from our little cottage, we were mesmerized with Mother Nature’s epic seasonal battle between freedom and enslavement. In Winter’s epic battle – enslavement won. This year the unfolding conflict struggled back and forth as it played out in theRead More →

We want our Country Back T-Shirt

Raging at the Wind Screed! – Misguided Protests Enough already about the sensationalism surrounding those taking a ‘gutsy- principled’ stand by kneeling during the National Anthem or sitting during the Pledge of Allegiance. The most suitable response to those seeking self-aggrandizement by acting out in public is not acclaim orRead More →

US Flag and Patriotic Eagle

Raging at the Wind – Democracy in Action! Here we go again, engaging in our national pastime of playing Russian Roulette with our future. Enjoy our observations and commentary on 2016 US National Elections. Although we started off with 18+ hollow-point bullets for our Six-Shooter, we’ve honed our way downRead More →

Airborne Wings

Conventional Wisdom When I was a young Lieutenant in the 82d Airborne Division,’Weak minds build strong bodies’ seemed to be a very popular phrase. It was generally exhorted in the form of giving wisdom, just before administering corrective action to a soldier who broke faith with his chain of command,Read More →


Culture Jujitsu – a political thesis describing the West Civilization’s Achilles Heel In 2016 I drafted a thesis describing the tactical and strategic agility of those who would undermine our Western Culture. I came up with the term ‘Culture Jujitsu,‘ and I’m playing around with a couple of definitions.  CulturalRead More →

Off the cliff

Ode to the passenger seat. Oh how I wish the auto-manufacturers could finally produce a passenger seat that isn’t defective in so many ways.   I have yet to find one that doesn’t make me crazy! I’ve been in Fords, Toyotas, Volkswagens, Hyundai’s, BMWs, Mercedes, and many more. Our current carRead More →

Boots on the Ground

BOG! A dozen years ago when I served as an Operations Officer on a Special Operations Staff I was always miffed by a comment my Commander usually made about how we need to get ‘Boots on the Ground’, in any particular operation or engagement. I derided the term ‘Boots onRead More →


Not so Gratuitous Gratuities! This afternoon my wife and I visited a local salad, sandwich, coffee and artisan bread shop for lunch. You know the ones that are saving the world by serving healthier food. The meals are very tasty and the portions are sized to help me contain myRead More →


It was another spectacularly unseasonable winter day in the valley as Willow hosted the start of the 44th running of the ‘Last Great Race’ – the Iditarod. Without a cloud in the sky, Denali (the Great One) stood prominently on the horizon watching the fanfare unfold on Willow Lake.  EightyRead More →

Fat is a state of mind

“Fat” can be a crude description of one’s state of body. But, it’s also a state of mind when one’s ‘mental adipose’ effects their thinking, attitude and general mental disposition. Usually, the two conditions are mutually supportive.  Fat, is a state of mind! Retirement is more than just long walksRead More →