Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach Nomading VLOG, 10 Nov ’21

RV Nomading to the Beach – Cannon Beach

We safely made it out of Washington and through Portland….no riots, no demonstrations, no highway blockages….actually, all looked pretty normal…from the highway.  It looked like the weather was looking up… rain on this day – Yet! (Cannon Beach Nomading VLOG)

Our escape from the darkness and cold of Alaska’s winter is well underway.  Having said that, it’s dark here by 1630 and the wind and rain don’t seem so much different.   But Cannon Beach is bound to be different….right?

Check out our Video Log (VLOG) below. 

VLOG 10 November 2021

Click this link for the Video Log:


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(Cannon Beach Nomading VLOG)


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