Cinque Terra, La Spezia and Lucca, all rolled into one quick Vid.

This is another out-of-synch, posting.  Our first real Bellissima Italia exploration was in the town of La Spezia and the quaint villages nestled in the rocks over the Med known as Cinque Terra.  We met up with excellent friends (The Bs) from our Army days in both Alaska and Stuttgart and their daughter.  From there, together we journey to the cobblestoned bastion of Lucca with a side-trip to Florence.  These were heady days filled with fun, conversation, walking, hikes, discovery, food, wine and too little time to write or reflect on our journey.   So, my Blog is out of synch and has a significant void to fill.  Hopefully the video below will measure partly up to the task to describe the wonderful adventure the Zs and Bs had exploring some if Italy’s more fascinating sites, villages and cities in the North West.  Enjoy! 





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