Riomagiorre Cinque Terre

Catching up! This is another out-of-synch, posting highlighting our Cinque Terra and Lucca Video Blog.  Our first real Bellissima Italia exploration was in the town  of La Spezia and the quaint villages nestled in the rocks over the Med known as Cinque Terra.  We met up with excellent friends (TheRead More →

Vesuvius and Herculaneum

Visiting Herculaneum 4 Nov ‘19 – Their recast skeletal remains littered the barrel arched, vaulted structures on the beach side of the town of Herculaneum; many embracing loved ones in their final moments before immolation and suffocation. visiting Herculaneum can be a brutal reminder that Ms. Nature is really inRead More →

Sferracavallo from the villa

Relaxing in in Sferracavallo Italy – If they were to do a remake of the 1980s comedy/drama movie ‘The Big Chill,’ our Villa extravaganza in Sferracavallo would be a suitable remake, except for the shortage of fast cars, attractive actors, compelling and drama sideline stories and sex scenes.  As aRead More →

Killing Fields Cambodia

Phenom Phen Today I closed out of Phenom Phen today and rode on a Chinese airline, of Euro Manufacture (Airbus 320), to Seim Reap, the home of famed Angkor Wat.  Some from the West might wonder why the Chinese are operating in Cambodia? I’d say, ‘Check the map’; why wouldn’tRead More →

Angkor Watt, Cambodia

Siem Reap – day 2 Travels throughout Europe are often remembered through the lens of what cathedral or castle you visited. Most are magnificent. But, there comes a time when even the heartiest of tourist are effected by the ABC syndrome; ABC….’Another Bloody Cathedral/Castle’. When the ABC’s hit, it’s timeRead More →