Downtown Bologne

Editor’s note – My narrative for our Italy journey is already out of sequence as I’m jumping ahead about a week or so into our travel to Bologna adventures….but, I’ll return to the travels and the week in Cinque Terra and Lucca soon.  Hang tight…and enjoy. A few days ofRead More →

Tempio di Diana

North of Naples (Archeological sites around of Naples) 22 Oct – We dedicated the last few days satisfying our Roman ruins cravings at various archeological sites around Naples.  The other day when walking through town on the way to the castle, we walked along the Marina side and not throughRead More →

Killing Fields Cambodia

Phenom Phen Today I closed out of Phenom Phen today and rode on a Chinese airline, of Euro Manufacture (Airbus 320), to Seim Reap, the home of famed Angkor Wat.  Some from the West might wonder why the Chinese are operating in Cambodia? I’d say, ‘Check the map’; why wouldn’tRead More →

Angkor Watt, Cambodia

Siem Reap – day 2 Travels throughout Europe are often remembered through the lens of what cathedral or castle you visited. Most are magnificent. But, there comes a time when even the heartiest of tourist are effected by the ABC syndrome; ABC….’Another Bloody Cathedral/Castle’. When the ABC’s hit, it’s timeRead More →

Torro, Salamanca

Toro!  A Salamanca Travel Blog (Originally Posted to the Camino Blog on 27 May 2017. )  Toro! Tonight I’m in Salamanca, it was a beautiful and ancient university city even before the Roman’s decided to visit, and stay. The Romans are long gone, but the tourists remain, and the cityRead More →