Being a Leader

Leadership through Tough Love? Sometimes when in a leadership position you find yourself preserving your sanity by being an Ass. I’m not sure it’s always a good thing, but sometimes it’s not bad. Soldiers come and go from platoons. On one occasion while leading a platoon in the 82d AirborneRead More →

Organizational Myths and Lies

Myths & Lies Organizational Myths and lies.  Every organizations lies to perpetuate itself, and it enlists the aid of those who are perpetuated by it (knowingly or unknowingly). Every organization has myths about what behavior, actions, or practices will help its members get ahead. The challenge of the aspiring youngRead More →

Staff Offiers Rule

Self Delusion? Most Officers flatter themselves by thinking of themselves as commanders, and the occasional staff officer. For most, they believe time as a staff officer is just a holding pattern until the next command comes along! For most Officers, this is self-delusion! Although many officers will serve wonderfully longRead More →

Tactical vs strategic problem solving

Tactical verses Strategic Problem Solving Sometimes we address Strategic Problems with Tactical solutions and wonder why they fail in the long run.  This causes us to question our decision making and problem solving processes, as it should.  This example may help orient one to consider addressing root problems rather thanRead More →

Tactical Vs Strategic

Shift your thinking Problem identification is perhaps the most critical step of any Problem Solving Process.  Get it wrong and regardless of your analysis and how well you execute your solution, you may still be confronted with the same issue after all the effort.  To help identify the problem (and thereforeRead More →