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A Naples Travel Video Blog; So long Naples

Time to move beyond Naples

Our Naples adventure lasted for over three weeks and is sadly now coming to an end.  Many, many thanks to our generous Hostess, Melissa for allowing us to stage out of her beautiful home.  Below is a link to a short 2 minute Naples travel Video Blog of the fun and interesting sights we visited to highlight many of the places we’ve visited along the way.  Come along and join our adventure through this short clip.

We expected to hang around Naples for a week, perhaps a week and a half.  Fortunately, after arriving we discovered the rich tapestry of sight and activities the area offered.   Although we only stayed three weeks, three months would not be enough time to experience it all.

Naples Area sites

The list of visits, sites and experiences around Naples is endless and three weeks barely scratches the surface.  But during our time here we covered:

  • The alleys, churches museums of downtown Naples

    Possuoli Amphitheater Naples travel Video Blog
    Possuoli Amphitheater
  • October Fest with JFC Naples
  • Herculaneum
  • The Island of Ischea
  • The ruins of Baiae and Cuma
  • The Cisterns of Bacoli
  • Lago di Averno and its little volcano
  • Pasta cooking class
  • The 3rd largest amphitheater at Pozzuoli
  • and much, much more


Naples travel Video Blog

Naples travel Video Blog



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