Alaska Dying Light

It’s dark again. Not so for the past two months. One would fall to sleep in sunlight, wake at mid-morning lightness for the ‘man-walk’ to drain the bladder; no night light needed. At ‘daybreak,’ when the cats meowed, pleading for food (or attention), it was light. When the second, orRead More →

Fishing the Kvichak Bristol Alaska

Fishing the Kvichak, Bristol Alaska   Fishing season explodes onto the inlets and rivers in Alaska every Spring and Summer.  True to form, a small group of us flew out to Igiugig (a Bristol Bay native village) and then boated down to Blueberry Island for a few days of Sockeye, SalmonRead More →

Ice cracks in lake earthquake

The anatomy of an earthquake. I know what your thinking….and you could be wrong! Earthquakes overpower their victims into violent spasms of fear, horror and brief moments of heroism (or cowardice). OK, so if you think this, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong, just halfway. Earthquakes, violent ones, don’t do this,Read More →

Returning Home

Homeward Bound This morning, or afternoon, or evening….whatever my body thinks it is, I’m sitting in SeaTac airport drafting up a few more notes. In total, I’ll have spent over 47.5 hours playing the Airport Odyssey between Anchorage and Phenom Penh. Right now I’m up to 38 or so….  TodayRead More →


It was another spectacularly unseasonable winter day in the valley as Willow hosted the start of the 44th running of the ‘Last Great Race’ – the Iditarod. Without a cloud in the sky, Denali (the Great One) stood prominently on the horizon watching the fanfare unfold on Willow Lake.  EightyRead More →