Sferracavallo from the villa

Relaxing in in Sferracavallo Italy – If they were to do a remake of the 1980s comedy/drama movie ‘The Big Chill,’ our Villa extravaganza in Sferracavallo would be a suitable remake, except for the shortage of fast cars, attractive actors, compelling and drama sideline stories and sex scenes.  As aRead More →

Northern Scicily

The view from our Vorarlberg, Austria apartment is stunning. We survey the Rhine valley below us, encircled by a cordon of mountaintops all covered in snow…… But, I’m getting way ahead of myself. The past 12 days have been so busy that I’ve neglected the Blog and will now attemptRead More →

Reminiscent Thoughts Sixty-Eight days of exploring, traveling and touring Italy, its sights, culture, foods, and people leaves one with many impressions, but the most indelible is that sixty-eight is not nearly enough days – but that’s all we could countenance. Traveling for extended periods it tough, granted, the more youRead More →