Winters Epic Battle

Winter’s Epic Battle

Mother Nature’s Conflicts

Winter on the lake
Winter on the lake

 Perched from on top, in front row seats from our little cottage, we were mesmerized with Mother Nature’s epic seasonal battle between freedom and enslavement. In Winter’s epic battle – enslavement won.

This year the unfolding conflict struggled back and forth as it played out in the field of battle on and around the surrounding lake.   The forces arrayed below our deck represented the ageing but fluid and effortless elements of Summer and it’s ally Autumn. The youthful rival, seeking to dominate and enslave Summer’s brilliant leaves, flowing waters, and warming sunshine was Winter. Winter’s aim was subjugation, complete supremacy. It’s cruel but successful tactics employed Gusty Winds to rip the leaves from the trees and sweep their carcasses into the shadows; enthrall the trickling and graceful waters of the sky and lake by freezing them in place; and, directing General Aurora Borealis to chase the sun from the overhead skies.

Victory and Defeat


It’s over; the battle is won! Youthful Winter captured Old Man summer and Aging Autumn. The trees stand naked and bare in the bitter cold, darkening afternoons. The warming waters are transfixed into snowflakes; frozen into ice. The sun no longer proudly struts across the sky as a strong independent force of warmth. It dsc_0880-1-copynow serves only as the vanquished’s guerrilla fighter and makes brief furtive, forays into a distant sky. These short visits serve as a lingering reminder of days forgone and brighter visions that lay ahead.


Winter is victorious! The lake is solid, covered with snow. What once served as fertile grounds for swimming, boating, and lounging now makes possible cross-country skiing, snow machining, and ice fishing. Winter’s mortuary teams have recovered most of the remains beneath the trees and respectfully entombed them with their fellow fallen, into the composts dumps; and thus, making room to see our neighbors’  homes, once again. General A. Borealis dominates the skies as he mystifyingly animates the blankets of snow with effervescent greens and reds. And though his light is dim and infrequent, he leaves us in peaceful serenity with prolonged dreams of frolicking in Nature’s bounty and of future struggles to come.

dsc_0238-1At last, the snow has fallen; Winter has finally arrived at our little Cottage at Zimmer’s Landing.   Long Live Winter!





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