Breaking down

Breakdown in Bari

Breaking Down!

I learned an invaluable lesson in Ranger School – everybody, I mean, everybody breaks down sooner or later.  When engaged in a tireless pursuit of anything, in time, you will hit a wall. The question isn’t if it will happen to you; it will.  The real question is, what will you do about it.  I did it, this is my Breakdown in Bari.

We’re on day 43 of our travels to Italy.  We’ve eaten some of the finest cuisines this land has to offer – pastas, pizzas, anti-pastas, white sauces, red sauces, sea food, breads, pastries, wines, beers.  The works, we’ve had it all, and loved every meal.

Today while walking our daily constitutional, walking to no where in particular, I broke down!  My breakfast was a small cup of coffee, and now it was lunch time – I was hungry.  But, I just couldn’t bring myself to walk into another pizzeria or spaghettiria, or delicatessen, or caffe. Nor could I drop into another grocery store for fruits or vegis.  I hit my wall, I was a broken man!  My hunger was for something entirely different, entirely foreign from these lands.  


When blogging about the Camino, I’d often write about serendipitous events where when in your time of need, if you searched long enough, the solutions were laid right before you.  I had another serendipitous event today.  In my moment of need, I looked up, and there was the sign.  Actually, it was literally a sign.  It was a big poster showing the way to Burger King!  

There’s a lot of things we do well in the US of A and somethings not so well.  But when it comes to Fast Food, Crap Food – we’re the best!  Sometimes there is nothing better than a good ole’ ‘Murican crap greasy burger, flaccid fries and overly sweet cola.  It’s the best!  Today I hit my wall, I broke down.  I couldn’t do another pasta meal.  Today, I found my solution in American exported Fast Food Crap food.   God Bless the USA!





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